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" Feed the stomach and you feed for a day!

Feed the soul and you feed for eternity! "

We feel the pangs of hunger every day;

but, not the hunger of the Soul !

It is hungry for Divine Happiness and Love !

You can contribute in this noble cause,

thereby nourishing not only other souls but your own.

We seek your support in three ways for our spiritual and social activities

Meditation Camp by BGSM

You can physically volunteer for us during,

  • Spiritual talks

  • Bhagwat Kathas

  • Charitable activities

Physical Contribution

You can provide financial assistance,

  • For Health,

  • For Education

  • For Rural Development

  • For sponsoring our Children’s and Youth Camps

  • For sponsoring Spiritual Talks

  • For sponsoring Roopdhyan Meditation Camps

  • For development of our Ashrams

  • For spiritual monuments

Prem Mandir, Vrindavan
Financial Contribution

You can utilize your talent and skill set. We welcome,

  • Devotees who are Doctors, Dentists or from the medical field

  • Software developers

  • Mobile App developers

  • Website designers and developers

  • Photoshop designing

  • Translators in any language

  • Expertise in horticulture, floriculture, organic farming

  • Any other

Skill Contribution

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