About Deviji

Who made a pledge before her Divine master to decicate herself full fledged for the spiritual welfare of the human race, whose only abiding principle is the service towards her spiritual master, devotion towards the spiritual master and carrying out His dectates.

Divine Master

Words fail of even Saraswatiji and Brihaspatiji when it comes to talking about our Beloved Master. This is not an exaggeration. Each one of us who has come in contact with Him is living proof of and bears testimony to His Kripa, having experienced it first-hand.

Upcoming Events

1st January 2016

Bhakti Diwas

8th January-14th January

Jagadguru Sadhana Shivir, Ayodhya

12th January

Birthday of Poojniya Maa

14th January

Jagadguru Diwas

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